19 December 2008


Although we have enjoyed our Christmas tree for about 2 weeks now it was our experience of getting it that makes it so special. We took a day, the first weekend in December, and headed to the mountains to cut down our tree with our beloved Kirk and Kathy and new friend Megan. We went to the national forest in Fraser/Winter Park because they didn't require you to purchase the permit ahead of time. We decided quickly that the drive alone was worth the price of the permit - although $10 for a Christmas tree is quite a steal if you ask me - especially since it wasn't dead when we got it. And, our day ended up being priceless so the $10 is a wash and the Christmas tree is bonus.



Blogger Unknown said...

Nice looking tree and those kids couldn't be any cuter! Miss you guys!

December 20, 2008 at 9:38 AM  

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