18 August 2010

back to school

This has been such a week...one to remember.
Outside of each day's moments to remember there have been a few that I am sure to never forget.

Ethan started second grade on Monday. He was anxious to go back to school but not overly so...we had a great summer. I did a little interview on the morning of his first day back. He was most looking forward to friends (no surprise there), happy to ride the bus, hoping to eat chicken nuggets and chocolate milk once and a while and still ready to walk away without saying good-bye or a "see you later."

The first day was a bit of a shock to his summer system. He told Mark he had some trouble with his teacher...she wanted him to do an activity or two...Of all the nerve! But, true to form he was raring to go the next day and even more excited this morning when his little brother would join him.

The school asked that parents drop off kindergartners for the first day at the door to there classroom...as if there is another way to get your ever present 5 year old off to their first day of school and without the complete meltdown of all mothers involved. Did they really need to ask? I don't know if I could have added "put Owen on the bus" to the day's to do list and still kept my heart in functional pieces. However, dropping him off at his classroom was still one of those moments...the kind where reality smacks your heart so hard you remember you are alive...because liquid starts running down your face!

Owen was excited in a subdued way and only had about 15 seconds of visible nerves...he sat close, took a deep breath and laid his head on my lap (as he has so many times in his 5 years)...but this passed quickly as I prayed in his ear for Jesus to help the strength He has put in Owen's heart to rise up and help him to face all the new things he would experience today.

After his teacher welcomed them he found his spot in the boy line and barely looked back before heading off to the adventure. I wouldn't have expected any different from this wise boy.

And, along for the ride (in many ways), are my precious girls...

Once we got home I could tell Audrey was a little misplaced. She sat at the table very quietly (anyone who knows her is aware that this is nearly impossible). After about 10 minutes of writing on a wipe board she turned a very sad face to me and on the verge of tears said, "I don't want to wait so long for the boys to come home."

We had our moment together and have enjoyed a wonderful morning together ever since. This will be very different for her and a complete do-over for me...girl-style! The last time I spend significant time with a 3 and 1 year old like this it was Ethan and Owen. What a blessing to have these days with my girls now.

What great expectancy I have for this school year...
what a wonderful husband and children to enjoy it with...
what a good God to bless us so richly.

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Blogger Donna Carpenter said...

I just showed these to Sam and he announced that we are going to Colorado again. Because he drank all his milk and he's a shark. So I guess we better pack up!
These are precious. I think what Sam was trying to say is that we miss you all!!

August 20, 2010 at 6:20 AM  

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