15 August 2007

Something new

We started something new this week. We call it "late night".
Each of the boys have gotten a night to stay up after the other two have been put to bed for a little one-on-two time with Mommy and Daddy. We thought it might be a way to fill their tanks in a different way. Ethan's night was Monday and Owen took his turn tonight. We have had fun both times. Ethan wanted to play a game and we built a train track and ran trains with Owen.

What I have most loved about these times has been the opportunity I have to focus on them as an individual; to observe... admire. I noticed things about each of them that I had the space to appreciate.

When you have boys even carrots are swords - especially if you are a pirate!

Anyone who knows Ethan would know that he can be unteachable - a quality we plead to God about on his behalf. But, while the three of us played our game he was open and eager to learn and play. I found myself experiencing deep stirring emotion as I observed the expressions on his face and the moments when the game made sense to him or he got something right. I think Ethan will carefully weigh what he invests himself in. It will have to be something worthy.

Don't these grapes in his cheeks make him look like mafia?

More swords!! Anything to get them fresh veggies. Right?

Owen is a different story, but somehow a similar experience. He is very different from Ethan, but in our time I experienced such joy in his delight of the trains going around the track. I think he will have a simple love of life. He kept saying "WHEEEEEE" in a high pitched voice. I think he will embrace life!

Work glasses double as goggles

I love my boys more than it is possible to express.
Sometimes it feels like I will never be able to get through to their hearts and I just want to move on to another day and start over... praying with Ethan after some discipline and seeing him shake his head "NO" when I asked God to make him wise because he has listened to advise and accepted instruction ...having to physically move Owen to his room because he would not obey. Other times I feel like I could never let go of the moment I am enjoying with them... watching Owen shuffle down the hall in his big orange hoody towel... seeing the wonder on Ethan's face as he bent down over a bug on the patio and then standing to crush it under the strength of his foot.

I can't wait until next week's late nights and all that I will find to treasure there.

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