13 August 2007


Yesterday was a day of wonders...

We have been making our best attempt to keep the Sabbath since we have been here. For now, that has meant no work; a break from the list of to do's. We spent Saturday working our tails off and so we were very much looking forward to our Sabbath Day. We were heading to the mountains. A great place of wonder of all kinds, indeed a place we worship! I am growing to see wonder as a way I worship God.

We packed a picnic and headed to a place called "Devil's Head" on a recommendation from a worker at REI. She said it would be a great hike for the kids and enjoyable for us too. There was to be a fantastic overlook of the front range at the end of the trail. Alas, we never saw it. I got car sick.

There was the most "wonder"ful mountain road that took us up and the combination of waiting too long to eat my lunch (we got lost and our mountain picnic turned into a van picnic), moving about in the van to give the kids their lunches, and this amazing zigzagging road left me ill. That was about 1pm. I was able to do my last throwing up in the comfort of my home at around 4:30 - stopping at least a 1/2 a dozen times on the way. I would have just done it in the mountains so Mark and the kids could hike, but during one of my early episodes Ethan forgot to tell us that he needed to use the bathroom and so it became apparent that we needed to head home.

Now for the wonder part of this...
I wonder why I get car sick. I have been this way for as long as I remember but it seems that it gets worse the older I get. I wonder why I have to throw up 7 times, why not just once and be done with it! I wonder what we missed or what we were protected from? Different kind of wonder than our beautiful views/roads! But, wonder none the less.

This was the only picture we took all day!
Mark snapped it on our way down the mountain.

After crashing for a couple hours when we got home I woke up to "I wonder what Mark and the kids are doing." While I slept they had gone the grocery store and dinner was in the pot. I had no interest in food, but I was blessed by my beloved husband. He had made lemonade out of a day full of lemons. He is a gem!

We closed our day with wonder too. We stayed up late to view the Perseids meteor shower so named because the meteors seem to fall from the constellation Perseus.
We pulled our blankets and pillows out onto the grass for some stargazing. We saw about a dozen or so meteors. They predicted it to be quite a show, but because we are in the city our sky isn't very dark. But, it was awe inspiring none the less. Caused me to wonder many things about God and worship once again at what I know of Him and what remains a mystery.


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Blogger Sally said...

Tell me more about the meteor shower in your next posting.

August 15, 2007 at 5:09 PM  

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