29 January 2009

Owen's Day

Today my Owen is four. It is hard to believe that four whole years has passed since he joined our family. I remember that day so well and yet there are so many days in between then and now that I cannot recall at all. I think that is why it feels like our children grow so fast. Because one day is remembered so vividly...and others completely forgotten. I could re-live the day of his birth easily and yet a day from last month or even last week would be a real challenge. I hope today is a slow day...easily recalled because we celebrated such a special boy so well.

Our nickname for Owen has always been O-tastic! We have at times called him our little Gimli too...it is the short legs and fierce heart!

Happy Birthday Owen...my second born "middle" sharer,
my blankie eater (you should see it)...my emotion wearing, sparkly eyed, tight-end built man in the making...my sensitive, cuddly, "enjoys his momma" boy.



Blogger Toni said...

Sweet boy! How's the blanket-chewing coming along?

February 3, 2009 at 9:54 AM  

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