10 September 2009

words that can bring life

Letting this sink in...
From a newsletter from "The Noble Heart"...

"Erwin McManus wrote in his book Stand Against the Wind, "When we are in love with ourselves, we are prone to listen only to what we want to hear. We become willing to trade insight for affirmation. We want to feel good about ourselves more than we want to become good."

The pursuit of God and our calling is through the restoration and release of our heart. It is desire, not duty; passion, not passivity that leads and compel us in this pursuit. And yet on this narrow road of desire and passion, we are exposed to the deadly sheer drop-offs of self-centeredness.

To travel this essential road, we must build guard rails - structures that will save our life when we are too close to the edge, but may feel damaging when we encounter them.

Often our guard rails are the words of our friends."



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