25 January 2010

good year

It feels like New Years Eve was an age ago now. We had such fun partying in the new year with our kiddos. We played paper football, had a talent show, demonstrated feats of strength, watched a movie, ate good treats, colored, and generally "made merry"! They were allowed to decide when they went to bed (Elyse was such a party pooper...heading to bed at 7pm). We figured they would drift off by 10 or 11. We figured wrong! Here is our "Welcome 2010" toast at midnight...

Mark and I were a lot worse off than they were. They weren't even CLOSE to being tired. (Plus, I am certain my hair couldn't look any worse this year than at the moment that picture was taken...so I've got that going for me this year).

We christened the year with a walk and some crisp play at the park. Here's to being outside even more in 2010..
2010 has also brought the increased curiosity and mobility of a certain 1 year old...

It's been a good year! I love these people!


Anonymous Mom H said...

Keep blogging, Lorrie! Every time I see something on your blog, you bring me a better day! Especially if there are pictures! Thanks for that.

January 27, 2010 at 4:23 AM  
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