03 November 2010

face paint gone bad

We had a lovely weekend celebrating all things fall. Unfortunately, Audrey had a run-in with face paint that we will hopefully not repeat. After enjoying a "princess face" for most of the day on Sunday we cleaned her face before bed but apparently the damage to her precious skin was already done. She woke Monday morning looking like this (and not very interested in getting her picture taken)...



Anonymous Ilea said...

Oh the poor dear!

I know this is an old post, but i would like to comment.

I am a professional face painter, and I can tell that your daughter has/had a metal allergy. I have metal allergies too and react the exact same way as i never grew out of it as most kids do.

I believe the paint that was used on your little girl was NOT real face paint. More then likely it was Acrylic, Tempera, or some other kind of poster paint, which is NOT cosmetic and not meant to use on skin for this very reason.

The 'so called' face painters that use acrylic paints are mostly just ignorant of what harm it can do (volunteers mostly). Others know full well what the effects are and keep using it for other reasons, none of which justify the risk to kids.

I'm sorry this happened to your little one 3 years ago. It makes all us face painters look bad. :(

Always ask about the paints any painter is using on your child. 'Water base' and 'cream base' are the words to be looking for, and remember 'non-toxic' does NOT mean safe for skin. Paints should be made 'for cosmetic use' and if they aren't then they are not meant for the skin.

I am building a collection of photos like these to show the effects of poster paints being used as face paints. I hope you don't mind if I add these to that collection, which will be used to help inform parents and those 'so called' face painters what real damage poster paints can do.

Thank you for reading!


July 17, 2013 at 11:56 AM  

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