29 October 2007

Apple Tale

I finally got my apple sauce made for the year. It was so difficult to find apples in a large quantity at a reasonable price. We have come to rely on the fruit/veggies I can during the summer for the winter months. So, it was hard to think about not making any applesauce especially since I wasn't able to do peaches or pears or tomatoes this summer. Audrey was glad to make sure the apples were tasty enough for sauce.

Don't you love it when you get a special blessing from God that you know He gave to you because you would understand it...you would know He had it in mind particularly for you? Well that happened when I went to get the apples at Target. They had honey crisp apples on sale for $.99/lb. These apples are amazing and they are usually at least $4/lb. So I decided to try apple sauce out of these. I usually use golden delicious. Anyway, we went to Target and I asked if they would give me a deal if I bought a whole box. She agreed and took me up to check out. We had agreed on $30. When they tried to ring it up the most it would register as was $11. So, the produce gal said, "just give it to her." Amazing... $11 for 40 lbs of the most amazing apples.
That was awesome, but it got better.

The sauce turned out incredible but for multiple reasons I only ended up with 8 jars of apple sauce. (Not good!) I felt doubly blessed when I realized that not only were the apples God's special gift to me, but also his protection. It would have been a terrible use of our resources to spend $30 on apples for 8 jars of apple sauce.

I felt so loved by him and I will worship and love him each time we crack open one of those 8 special jars of apple sauce. You might say, "It's only apple sauce." But, I think it is much much more...being known and loved and cherished and romanced and fought for... being His.

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