12 October 2007

update to present

Thought I would make an attempt to fill in the gap between my last blog and this one...

T 10/2 - Nothing to report...can't remember that far back.

W 10/3 - Had a wonderfully refreshing coffee date with my friend Robin... we talked each other's ears off... lovely.

R 10/4 - in our attempt to make the situation God has blessed us with in Mark's work we felt we should take the next step in pursuing whether or not we should move (to decrease housing expenses)... we went to see a duplex... felt the Spirit said... "stay put...moving would be very disruptive...make it a last resort" Ahhhh... what a relief...

F 10/5 - Great day at home.

S 10/6 - Mark had a study group for mid-terms all morning. The kids and I visited a parisian outdoor market looking for apples, came home empty handed. Overall, it was kind-of an upsetting day... for many reasons.

Su 10/7 - Went to Ft. Collins to visit with Denglers (my s-i-l's family) and to pick up Mark's parents who came into town on Thursday for a visit. Came home to watch "da' BEARS" beat Green Bay. nice...

M 10/8 INSANELY FRUSTRATING DAY!!! Window installation at our house, flat tire... you can imagine. SOOOOOO thankful for the presence and help of mom and dad.

T 10/9 Went to the zoo. Literally, 1/2 of Denver was there. Couldn't understand it...it was Tuesday for pete's sake.

W 10/10 Waited around to take Mom and Dad to the airport, went and had lunch with Mark at a job site. FINALLY, finished mailing all my ebay auction items... ugh.

R 10/11 Recovery day... wishing someone else could do my job... Holy Spirit reminded me that a change of occupation wouldn't fill me up... only He could do that. Ahhhh...

F 10/12 My never-ending pile of laundry is done! HALELLUJAH! Now, it needs to be put away. Mark and I get a date tonight (finger's crossed) if he is done in time. A gal from the seminary offered to watch the kids. We hope to go climbing at REI and drink pumpkin spice lattes.

And, here is something pretty for your soul...

Taken in RMNP July '07



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