14 September 2007


I am so thrilled today because I get to wear jeans!


This morning the boys were pretending they were packing their backpacks to go to school. I love listening to them pretend together. I had to laugh though when I heard Owen say, "Wait Ethan, I have to go get my GPS." (They were using my calculator as their GPS.) Yes, Owen is 2 and he does know what a GPS is - it is a device used to
1. help Mommy make U-turns and
2. for "treasure hunting" (geo-caching - LOADS of fun!)


Our dear friends - Chan and Kim Reynolds, along with their three kids - Coleman, Cooper and Cassidy - are arriving today for a weekend visit. We can't wait until they get here. Mark has been trying to arrange his school work so that he can take the weekend off to enjoy their company.

Mark met Chan at the Wild at Heart Boot Camp he attended two years ago and our lives have been intersecting ever since. We anticipate much laughter, soul-ish fellowship and an ache in our hearts when it is time to say good-bye.


We got news yesterday that our other Boot Camp friends - Andy and Donna Carpenter plus little Sam (their new baby) are coming in Wednesday for a long weekend. Needless to say, I am giddy over this too!

Our story with this family is similar to our story with the Reynolds. Mark and Andy met at Boot Camp. We are not so secretly wishing for the relocation of these two families and a future ministry together for the Kingdom, if God would so desire it.


It is time to start dinner!



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