07 September 2007


One of today's treats was plums. We have plum trees heavy with fruit in the back corner of our yard. I thought they were too small, but over the weekend, when my parents were here, we realized there were quite a few that were ready to eat. Today Ethan helped me pick some for our lunch.

I can count on two hands the number of times I have eaten fruit right off the tree/vine/bush. Each time there has been a secret delight and I always end up thinking of Eden. Maybe the fruit whispers of that place in some mysterious way... of the way it was... of the way things should be... of a glory I cannot fathom. Maybe it is the groaning of the earth (mentioned in the bible) that calls to me. Today was no different. Somehow picking plums was more than picking plums.

I once heard that all of life is spiritual. I believe it.



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