30 August 2007

Sneezes and Wheezes

Audrey is sick today.
She has a cold and on top of that is cutting 3 teeth. She is drooling like a dog - soaking her shirts, and seems just plain miserable. There is a constant stream of snot running from her little button nose and she is having a hard time resting because she can't breath very well, so she is a little grouchy.

For the first time today, I watched her feelings get hurt.
Owen was playing with his trains and it looked pretty interesting to her so she made her way over to him. As she reached for "Henry" Owen shouted, "NO AUDREY!" She curled her bottom lip down, burst into tears and high tailed it over to me for comfort. It took her a bit to recover. I am sure this is something that we will deal with often, but I guess I wasn't expecting it yet. It was rather sweet.

I think she will be signing soon. We think she does a very laid back version of "all done" and today I think she did "more." I have been anxious for this because she has quite a holler when you aren't moving quite fast enough for her. These signs, among others, were so wonderful in helping the boys communicate before they could talk, but they were signing quite a bit sooner than Audrey. I love their ability to do this (it really is rather amazing) and how much hollering it eliminates!

Mark is in his first full day of classes today. He called me after the first one and he sounded like he had a smile pasted on his face.

I am feeling the effects of waiting. My parents and grandma will be here tomorrow morning. They are leaving tonight after work. I have lots to do, but can't seem to think of anything to do, because I can't wait for them to be here.

Happy Thursday!



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