23 August 2007

Update on "Alert"

Here is an update on what we have learned since Monday...

1. The paper that was posted on our door was a part of a money-making "prey on your fear" scam. They wanted you to pay for the information. Our neighbor's daughter is a police officer and she confirmed our suspicion of this.

2. While the website was part of a scam the information is actually true. We were able to find out the information we were looking for on a legitimate website.

3. The person in question lives VERY close to us.

4. Monday night and Tuesday were challenging days. We rode an emotional and spiritual roller coaster. We were afraid, sad, indifferent, moving... we wept, imagined the worst, pondered, evaluated... We spent much time in conversation with each other and our faithful God. He comforted us and "lead us to quiet waters". We did warfare on our own behalf and on behalf of our children. All of this we will continue to do. But, we will rest...our souls will rest. And we are already knowing the peace that passes understanding.

5. One of the greatest invitations we received during this time was from a co-worker of Mark's. He said, "look for the blessing in it." And so we will.



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