23 August 2007

Strange and Wondrous Things

This morning, Ethan crawled into bed with me and within moments I heard the tell-tale sound of him sucking on his fingers (blasted finger sucking!). He fell back asleep! This has never happened in this young man's life. He is our early riser and usually the first words out of his mouth are, "I want some juice." This is not an exaggeration. Yes... I have reminded him EVERY morning for as long as I can remember that this is rather rude... that I would rather at least get a morning grunt or a "Hi Mom" before the demands begin. He spends no time "waking up" - he is on full throttle the moment his eyes open. A picture like this is almost an oxymoron where Ethan is concerned. So this was indeed a special moment to be treasured. And I did...

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