04 September 2007

Family Time

We had a delicious visit with my parents and grandma. Here is some of the fun...

We were stirred on Friday morning, a little after 6am, by the sound of rocks being thrown at our window. My mom had to go to the bathroom. My crazy parents and 90 year old grandmother had arrived hours before and decided it would be best to sit in our driveway and sleep - after driving ALL night long - instead of come inside. This makes no sense to me. So, we had a pretty low key day on Friday - naps, backyard fun and just plain giddiness about being together.

Saturday we headed to the mountains - Rocky Mountain National Park. I love this place. I think this is where I will live on the New Earth. We enjoyed a lovely day of frolicking. We picnicked and found lots of spots to throw rocks and play with water and smell the intoxicating scents of the mountains. What a great day!

Sunday we split up. The boys went running around in the morning and the girls went shopping in the afternoon. This was a special treat for me. When is the last time you went shopping with your mom AND your grandmother? My grandma is the queen of shopping - bad hip and all, she would never turn down a chance to hit the sales!

Monday was a bit of a forlorn day for me. I woke up with the impending sense of their departure and it colored my mood from the moment I awoke. It wasn't until I cried a bit and named it that I felt somewhat better. We went to a new park for a little play and picnic in the morning and spent the afternoon playing on the slip and slide, enjoying a delicious meal off the grill and soaking up the moments we had left to be together.

It was a tearful good-bye after dinner. I think part of why it was so hard for me to see them go is because I don't known when I will see them again. Over the past years - during the time when our distance was only 6 hours - it was always comforting to know when we would be together again. I knew that if I felt that I needed to see them I could just drive to Iowa or ask them to meet us in Illinois. That comfort is not available to me for now. I don't know how God will care for me in this area, but I expect He will and I am looking forward to seeing how He will do so.



Blogger Sally said...

Liked this article because it helped me linger awhile longer with you

loved our visit

September 6, 2007 at 7:48 PM  

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