21 September 2007

Busy at Living

We have been busy.
Yesterday, we said good-bye to a second set of our most treasured friends.
We have spent the last 10 days playing - with a short break in the middle.
Today, I feel like we are taking a deep breath.
I have tons of things to do, but it feels like we are taking the day at a slow pace.

Before, I post about our marvelous days of company I want to share some of our moments without company.

We have a nice little park within walking distance of our house. We had a day in between our two sets of visitors and it called us outside. Ethan has been practicing on his bike and this day I felt up to the challenge of trying to help him navigate the hills and streets as well as push the double stroller. I was so impressed and amazed by his strength. I took this picture because it shows the hill he is about to try and conquer in the distance. He made it the whole way himself!

Owen must have felt soldier-ish. He decked himself out in camo. I thought it was so cute!

Audrey LOVES to swing, she laughs and smiles in pure delight...

That looks like a happy boy to me...

Ethan and I have started pre-school of sorts. I met a gal through the seminary who was very helpful in getting me organized and encouraged to start some "school" things at home. We are both enjoying our time together. I can tell that he benefits from having some personal attention that the other two aren't around for and can not interupt. He also thinks it's pretty cool that he has school just like Daddy! This day he was working on writing his name.

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