02 October 2007

To post or not to post

I feel like posting today, but find a restlessness in my spirit that keeps me from gathering my thoughts in a way that makes much sense. So, bear with my ramblings... if you want to...

...We were supposed to have new windows installed today. The installers didn't show up and when I called the company the lady asked for my name and number and said "I will call you right back." Big shock... I still haven't heard back. Anyway, this has kind-of thrown me for the day. I was expecting to have a strange kind of "be creative at making home-life work" day. I haven't done well at adjusting to a "this is a normal home-life" day. THAT is crazy.

...The boys have been playing together today in ways that are so sweet it almost makes my heart hurt. While I was folding laundry I overheard them playing "duck, duck, goose"...yes, just the two of them. Eventually, they began to include imaginary opponents. They were cheering each other on and directing each other about where to sit. At one point I heard Ethan say in a semi-exasperated tone, "Owen, you keep picking me." Even now it makes me laugh.

...Audrey is certainly becoming one - that is, one year old. October 13th it will be official, but these past few weeks I have been seeing how she won't TURN one, she is BECOMING one. She is ... well, she is Audrey. I have been feeling so utterly blessed to have a little girl.

... Mark and I are brainstorming with God about how to make our financial situation work (ie. stay out of debt) and maybe more importantly be the most honoring to the ways he has blessed us through this process of moving/starting new work/starting school... ways we can "live well". One thing we are doing is getting rid of more stuff, mostly on ebay. This week I feel lost in ebay land. I enjoy the fairly easy money, but I find myself spending WAY more time looking at a computer screen than is good for me (which is why I haven't been blogging). I have often considered an ebay business, but this week I decided it would kill my heart in some way. I am looking forward to finishing up this round of auctions and being able to move on to some other way God would have me be a part of this "living well" process.

... not to be overly general or share "unspoken requests" but please pray about a couple of significant changes we are contemplating regarding our transportation and housing... as well as, continued direction for us regarding Mark's schooling.

... Mark's parents are coming in for a visit at the end of this week. Among other wonderful things it means we will head to the mountains this weekend. I wait in great anticipation of this. My soul is somehow more free in the hills. I truly desire that our vocation/ministry in the future (or RIGHT NOW if God so pleases) will be "housed" in the heights. There, I feel more like my truest self.



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