07 September 2008


I love weekends.
I love that our chocolate colored carpet is now its original vanilla color again because of Mark's hard work and drill-sargent determination (although he and the kids may all have ulcers by the end of today).
I love that I haven't touched a vegetable all day.
I love the cool breeze coming in the window.
I love that football is on.
I love that my husband likes to issue challenges for our family...the latest resulting in the my inability to purchase canned tomato soup therefore leading me to find an AMAZING recipe for a homemade version which is awaiting us for dinner. YUMMY!



Blogger noelle said...

So you haven't touched a veggie all day? But did you pick grapes my dear?

We had the beauty of eating someone else's leftovers for lunch! That's my thankful spot for the day...

September 7, 2008 at 4:56 PM  

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