03 September 2008

the drought

Ok, so it's time to end the drought.

I have been composing posts in my imagination for the last month but have never gotten around to actually posting any of them. Most of them had to do with what we were up to or something cute the kids have done...things and moments I cherish. But, the idea that has occupied a more consistent place in my thoughts this past month is the idea of "getting my life back".

Early in August we took a camping trip with family...a good time! About 3 weeks prior to that I began working on the preparations for that trip. It wasn't until this past week/weekend that I felt that I began to get my life back. Somehow, it has slipped away from me...or been stolen...both. I like my life, my heart and the way of my soul. But, the most real parts of me have been missing.

I want my life back and I will be fierce in the retrieval of it. I feel this is as much of an act of worship and obedience to my Beloved as it is something I want to do for myself and my beloved (Mark and the kids). I may or may not let you know how it goes...but my guess is you will know if you know me!



Blogger noelle said...

In so many ways, I think this is the constant dance of motherhood. How do we retain who we are in the midst of living a life where we are literally consumed daily by the people we love the most? How do we not allow the tasks that consume our days and nights to consume our souls?

It's a dance we all perform on some level every day I believe.

September 4, 2008 at 10:21 AM  

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