10 July 2008

farmies, like roadies, but farmies

We are loving our farm days. They are early mornings...we have to leave the house at 5:45am...and we are really tired at the end of them but we love it! I wasn't able to get any pictures of Ethan because he was off on adventures: catching crickets for Quentin's bullfrog, feeding the cows, visiting the pigs, finding the cats, playing in the dirt, harassing the chickens, smashing squash, eating green beans, peas, carrots or whatever looks good from the share baskets or just general meandering about the farm with a small and extremely cute gang of boys and girls covered in dirt. But, here are my two other farmies...

Audrey sticks close to gather any stray veggies she can scarf down

Owen and part of his posse negotiating over shovels and buckets just outside the barn

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