16 June 2008

much to enjoy

It is such a lovely thing to reflect on the last few days of life and think of all there was to enjoy. Really, there has been so much.

Last week was a bit on the crazy side when it was all said and done. Josh was here for 3 nights because he was working at a house a little south of us and it was a huge money saver for him to not have to travel back home each day...while I know he would rather have been with his beloved family, we sure enjoyed having Uncle Josh around - especially Audrey. I think we have witnessed her first crush. (You may be wondering about her Daddy, but I said crush...Daddy is her first true love!) Having Josh here meant some late nights on the Wii for he and Mark.

Wednesday and Friday I helped out some friends by keeping their two boys during the day. Having Cole (4) here was great fun for my boys and Audrey was delighted to have Benjamin (9 mths) to love on and generally be entirely too close to!

Thursday was our day at the farm and it was particularly delightful because we got to pick strawberries...the BEST strawberries I have ever eaten. The kids enjoyed being in the field. I would plop Audrey down in front of a bush and she would pick it clean - although none of her picking led to any yield...she ate them all. As soon as I noticed she was eating green berries I would move her down the row to another bush and she would go at it again. She happily did this for about an hour.

During this time the boys alternated between picking, eating and running back to the van to eat tidbits of their lunch. I was afraid this was going to be all the time I got to pick but was pleasantly surprised to get another hour and a half of pick-time...the kids found the perfect mud puddle in the row next to ours. They were in it head to toe and loved every minute until it was time to be bathed in the spout from the well...talk about frigid water! After an incredibly satisfying supper of strawberry shortcake (never have I enjoyed fresh baked shortcake, strawberries and milk so much) we spent our evening sorting berries for smoothies, jam, syrup and general eating! It is surprising that none of us ended up with upset stomachs.

Saturday morning we packed up for an overnight with the Denglers...Amy and Josh had a date day and we watched the kids at their house and spent the night so we could enjoy Father's day, the next day, together. The kids enjoyed a non-stop day of play, Mark watched more golf than he has watched in his entire life and I made jam. Our evening ended with some fun Wii play after the kids went to bed. I think Amy was the supreme master of the evening - especially with her bowling skills!

Yesterday was more delightful than I can describe. Unfortunately, we all forgot our cameras so words will have to do. We packed up a lunch of shiskabobs, pasta and potato salad, cherries, chips and fresh strawberry pie and headed in the Poudre Canyon...a little northwest of Ft. Collins. What a beautiful area! The river was moving SO fast. It was so alive. We found a great picnic spot where the kids (5 kids...ages 5, 5, 3, 2, 20mths) should have been on tethers but showed remarkable self-control and obedience to the "don't cross this line" rule. They were happy to throw rocks in the river and scream at the passing rafters to "PADDLE" while we got lunch grilled up. After some supervised "closer to the water" play we decided we would find another place where lives were not in danger. Plus, a large family of about 25 - complete with trampoline - was eye-balling our two-table spot.

We found a little slice of paradise down river a ways. Some knee-deep wading brought us to a shallow rocky area where all the kids could be somewhat independent in the water and throw rocks to their hearts content...okay, it wasn't just the kids. The water was FREEZING! It was about 30 minutes after we left for home that I realized my feet tingly warm because they were thawing. It was the best, THE BEST, kind of fun...something I think my Heavenly Father would have invited me to join Him doing. I told Mark last night after we got back that I was surprised I wasn't more exhausted. We decided that it must have been a day that was full of restoration...body, soul and spirit.

So, we welcome Monday. It has been a quiet day at home. Since we had fresh jam we had to have fresh bread to smear it on. The boys helped make the dough and then played with their own for a pleasantly long period of time. I am feeling the great anticipation of vacation...just 5 days away! It will be another time of restoration...I know it. And, I am sure to be invited on some adventures with my Father...I can't wait!



Blogger Chazz said...

Who needs photos when you paint such great word pictures.... PADDLE!! Could you get a recording of the kids saying that for our canoe trip next week?

June 18, 2008 at 10:21 AM  

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