28 April 2008

glorious dust

This morning I got the rare gift of a few moments of quiet after Mark had left for work and before the kids woke up. I was thoroughly enjoying the opportunity for some uninterrupted conversation with the Great 3 and think time to mull over the things He had for me this morning when I glanced over at this...

my communion with Him changed as my thanksgiving began to flow. I thought about the little toes that made impressions in my dust and I could not go on. There was even glory in my dust this morning.

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Blogger Sally said...

I have realized that I have made some progress in letting the dust alone and getting on with my communion. It is a down right spiritual battle! I don't like it.
It's a time waster. But it happens.
Enjoyed your thankfulness.

April 29, 2008 at 2:52 AM  

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