29 April 2008

intimacy and holiness

The intimacy and holiness of the places I am walking with God are almost too great for me to experience for myself much less speak of. I wonder if should keep quiet about it...partly because I am not even sure of what God is up to... partly because I feel these places that God is inviting me to and opening up in me are so vulnerable and infant. I feel that I must guard them with my very life...like something that has just been born.

Also, the enemy is at work to steal, kill and destroy. I think that my silence has been a way that I have been fighting him...which makes sense to me because silence is the place that God has called me to for a while now. I have never thought of silence being an effective weapon of warfare but I am knowing that place and that victory in Christ...in our place of quiet.

(Thanks Mom...for seeing my uncertainty and validating me and the places God is bringing life...in spite of it.)



Blogger Sally Boger said...

You are welcome. Love you.

May 5, 2008 at 7:42 PM  

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