07 July 2008

st. mary's glacier

Yesterday, about mid-morning, we packed a lunch and headed to the mountains for a hike. Our destination was St. Mary's Glacier. It was one of the hikes listed in the kid's "passport to adventure" books that we are working through this summer from REI. All of the hikes/bike trails are "kid friendly" and we are finding them pretty "adult friendly" too. After we accomplish 5 hikes/bike rides the kids get a compass/whistle tool to hang on their backpacks.

On our way there the sky began to get darker and very foreboding. We drove through some heavy rain but I think our short time away from this glorious place had us very thirsty for the beauty and "space" of the wild we knew we would be enjoying. So, we kept going even if it meant we only picnicked in the high country. The sky cleared somewhat and even though Mark took some coaxing (the weather was VERY unpredictable and there was plenty of thunder to warrant his caution) we decided to go for it and make the ascent to the glacier. It was beautiful and rugged and wild. We did get rained on but no one cared. And our van and the picnic lunch that awaited us when we returned were a great comfort!

One thing I took notice of in my heart yesterday was that I am very prone toward thinking "larger and a bit more rebellious" thoughts after I have been in the wild. I find that I have a little more space to consider life in a different way. This happens nearly every time. I just finally noticed it yesterday. I love this place to be.

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Blogger noelle said...

Looks like you had a great day!

July 7, 2008 at 5:32 PM  

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