11 November 2008

beautiful day

What a beautiful day it was here in Colorado! My desktop weather widget has been threatening rain/snow for the last couple of days but outside of a deliciously cloud-covered dreary day yesterday it has been beautiful. And there is nothing but sunny days in our near forecast.

November has been a wonderful month so far. It is project month around here. We have completely overhauled our house, shooting for the best arrangement for welcoming our newest little member. With the transition from fall to winter, we are fine tuning our organization in the form of extra hooks for coats, closets being rearranged and cleaned out, summer clothes being stored away and sweaters being put in the drawers, and a clean/empty garage to park our van in.

Our goal is to have all of our Christmas preparations done by the end of the month and we are well on our way. The only exception may be the baking...I love doing that all month. We hope/plan to continue and deepen our "intentional resting" in the month of December. I am really looking forward to enjoying this holiday season in a much more "present" way than I am sure I have spent many in the past. Plus, we don't know when our little darling will decide to make her appearance. I'd like to be sitting on the couch next to Mark with Ethan, Owen and Audrey cuddled in close, my feet up, Christmas tunes on, tree lit, hot cocoa in hand and the scent of my favorite Christmas candle in the air when the time comes!

We have a touch of the "yucks" around here...nothing real specific but nobody feels quite right...some have a little cough, some have tummy aches, some have runny noses. I hope that by the end of the week we have all these wrinkles ironed out. We have plans for some time with dear friends on Friday night and then Saturday we drop the kids with Amy and Josh for the night. Mark and I are looking forward to some lovely time as Mark and Lorrie for about 24 hours.

In the midst of it all, I am giving thanks for the treasured ways my Father is caring for and nurturing my heart. The depths he is reaching to and the ways he is speaking continue to confirm in my heart the things he has been whispering to me and inviting me to with Him this year.



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