27 October 2008

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One of the challenges I am facing while parenting through early childhood is how to think about/address the use of "bad words" and general name calling. It may seem black and white to some but I find it hard to explain, sometimes even to myself, the reasons why my children should not use certain words. At this point we are working mostly with... stupid, poopoo, peepee and heck. We have wanted to address it as an issue of the heart...name calling and the motivation behind it...but this is really hard to explain to a recently turned 2 year old.

Being the third, Audrey has the benefit of her brother's vast and various experience to draw from. Her vocabulary is incredible and she has the internal need to use more words (Definately part of our curse as women!). This can be a challenge in regards to this issue. Her favorite profanities are "poopoo", "stupy" and "holy cow" . That last one usually digresses into "holy heck". Can you even imagine this coming from her sweet little mouth? The boys came home with the word "heck" from an older boy at the farm, in the form of "what the heck?" Audrey latched onto the "heck" part after getting some strong reactions from her brothers in response to her saying it.

Honestly, THE most challenging part is not to bust out laughing every time she says it and most times we fail miserably.

In other news...

this is where I have been find the kids on these warm fall days

Owen almost busted out his front tooth on Mark's head last night during wrestle mania '08. It is loose and we are "encouraging" him to leave it alone. I couldn't leave it alone if it was in my mouth, how is he going to? Hopefully, we won't have a toothless 3 year old in a couple weeks.

Ethan is wow-ing us with his learning these days. We are having so much fun with school and it has been very encouraging to my heart to witness his enthusiasm. I love what I am learning about him in the process. Until about 3 months ago he has shown little interest in learning the traditional things that kids are learning in their pre-school years...like ABC's and 123's. We have provided the opportunities but he just hasn't cared. So, imagine my delight when he sits down at the table on Thursday, looks at a word search that was ripped out of a coloring book and proceeds to sound out and read the word "P-A-T" (the name of one of Handy Manny's tools). I love seeing the look in his eye when he "gets it". This was truly an "a-ha" moment.

And, I got my first cold of the season. I could have predicted it about 5 months ago. I have this nasty habit of getting sick as soon as I stop for some rest. We finished at the farm on Thursday and Friday I got a nice little sinus cold. Lovely!

Mark had a good time away on an Adullam Retreat this weekend. I think retreat season is over now for a while. Why is it that everyone thinks retreats should happen in April and October. There are 10 other months, can't we spread it out a bit?



Blogger noelle said...

Jack's word is "holy crap" and it makes me want to laugh every time. Kelli's big insult was "stupid in the butt", and it made me laugh.

Clay knocked out a tooth at 2...but it was quite an ordeal and he crushed the bone socket so there was no re-insertion even. I've got some gory pictures if you'd like to see. :o) Owen's tooth should tighten up.

I found some stuff for you. I'll call you later. I've been having some mommy moments lately.

October 27, 2008 at 9:38 AM  

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