12 October 2008

arms wide open

We have had 3 days of deliciously overcast skies and cozy cool temperatures. It has been the welcoming into fall that I cherish. Mark has been churning out the lattes and my creative juices have started to flow...both in the kitchen and with regard to fun projects for the holidays to come.

Friday night I pressure cooked and put up pumpkin to satisfy my growing cravings for breads, cookies, pies and anything else I can put pumpkin in. Saturday we enjoyed a very low key family day. We started the day pretty slowly but had to head out to look at a stroller we found on Craig's list. That turned out to be a marvelous blessing. Then we enjoyed a beautiful evening at a wedding of some friends in Colorado Springs...a glorious ceremony, amazing food and some funky dancing! I have decided to abandon all thoughts of what it must look like for a woman who is 7 months pregnant to try and groove...it was too much fun to ruin it with self-consciousness. Today has been slow and good too...mostly preparations for Audrey's big day tomorrow.

Among all of this and so much more, the Father has been wooing me toward some deeply important parts of my heart that need to be tended and in fact doing much of the tending for me. I am humbly grateful for His movement in my life and hand on my heart. I find within myself a more spacious place to exist as my life joins the natural slowing down that occurs in the world around me this time of year.

Something we heard at the wedding last night in a charge given to the couple was "embrace the transformation." ...my arms are wide open!



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