13 October 2008

my birthday girl

Our girl is 2. We are so enjoying all that is emerging from this little princess. Her vocabulary is incredible, her spunk and sweetness undo us and her hair leaves me speechless.

Unlike our boys, Audrey has not YET had to transition into being an older sibling. Ethan and Owen both had another new baby in the house before they turned 2. We have been mindful of these "extra" days with our girl before her sister arrives. We have been able to delight in and enjoy her with less distraction and we have loved every moment...well, almost. We weren't particularly enjoying her high-pitched protest this morning...she is beginning to redefine drama around here almost daily.

She is a delightful girl and now she is 2!

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Blogger Amy said...

Looking forward to seeing both of you birthday girls in a couple days!

October 14, 2008 at 12:06 PM  

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