29 January 2010

the man is FIVE!

We are celebrating our delightful second born on this 29th day of January...His 5th birthday!

Owen is...Nov 2009

~O-Tastic! (nickname since birth)
~happiest with a toy in hand and his brother to play with.
~a cereal lover (gross!)...to the order of 3 bowls for breakfast every morning that his momma will allow it.
~tender and tough (lovely combination if you ask me).
~SO curious and perceptive. This makes him ask wonderful questions and make astute observations. (ie. "Momma, I can't see my own face!")
~a super-sleuth. If we can't find something Owen knows where it is!
~a complete JOY!

Nov 2009

January 29, 2009 - 4th Birthday
He looks like such a baby in this picture...my he has grown this year!



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