07 November 2007

a river

My heart has been in "river" mode this last week... strong currents ever rushing on and on.
I have many weighty issues competing for my hearts attention and my ability to order the currents of these things, so that I can pay attention to each issue as God may be inviting me to, is very challenging. I don't think I am distracted...maybe I am. Surely I am opposed - these are matters of the heart. (Interesting that my mp3 player died this morning while I was "putting on" the armor of God.)

I began thinking of things this way on my walk this morning. When I left the house it was almost sunrise. I was deeply impacted by the quiet of the morning... the peace. It was as if I was in stillness and I alone moved through it. At first it was almost unnerving. It was SO quiet. But then I found that this reality seeped into my very soul... as if somehow the currents of my heart stood still...

"He leads me beside peaceful waters... He restores my soul."

I think the things I ponder seem like they are riding a current because they are a mixture of desires and dreams... fears and veiled glories... pieces of a puzzle that don't yet fit together... things not easily "addressed." It is here I find myself most easily vulnerable with my Savior... places where answers are not readily apparent... where I lay myself open before him and follow Him beside the peaceful waters.

And where will this river flow? I ache to know and it keeps me close to my Shepherd.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely thoughts...lovely writing
Thank you.

November 13, 2007 at 6:50 PM  

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