11 March 2008


Owen has had a recent fascination with nests.

I really don't know what got it started...maybe an episode of Sesame Street...Big Bird. He makes nests and sits in them. Sometimes he makes them out of blankets or in the case of this picture, a freshly laundered sheet...sometimes he asks Mark or me to "make a hole" (sit cross legged) which he smashes his blanket down into and then sits on. When we colored eggs last week, he made note of the fact that eggs go in nests.

This is so fascinating to me because it is something that is emerging out of his own "self". As our second born he is very much at the mercy of his older brother's interests and preferences. While Owen has always been a great playmate for Ethan he has begun - over the last 3 months - to begin to assert his own preferences...sometimes in the form of whining, but other times in the form of good communication (ie. "I don't want to do that Ethan!") This nest-ing has had nothing to do with Ethan...and it is really cute!

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Blogger Sally said...

Big O - love your emerging personality - nests are 0's....
something there?

March 15, 2008 at 5:53 PM  

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