07 February 2008

without pay: post 7

food drop at our front door of milk, cheerios, peanut butter, bread, ketchup and pears...free
check for $120...free
$60 cash...free
$20 sponsorship of a morning away for myself...free
trip to the food pantry with a new, sincere and caring soul...free
package in the mail of the ingredients needed for a favorite dessert and a wal-mart giftcard...free
$35 gift card to a restaurant in town from a treasured soul who said "you need a night out with your family"...free
$50 grocery store gift card (which can also be used for gas)...free
2nd trip to the food pantry for food...free
food drop at our front door of cheerios, mac-n-cheese, soup, orange juice and fruit snacks...free
check for $100 from particularly special grandparents...free

Being loved by God through the hearts and generousity of His people...priceless: value incalculable.

Continuing the pursuit of margin in my heart, soul, mind and life (and all that entails my life) so that I will always be available to be used of Him for these purposes in other's stories...guaranteed!

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