22 January 2008

without pay: post 2

The kids and I made our way to the WIC office before MOPS this morning. Hopefully by next week at this time we will have the blessing of vouchers for milk, eggs, cheese and some other nutritious essentials. I also learned of a great food pantry that I am sure will be a great help in lowering our grocery expenses for a bit. We will go on Tuesday of next week if we don't have some income by then.

Today we had the unexpected blessing of a day of work in the window business!

I think it was a lovely way for God to show Mark (and the rest of us) how beloved he is. Yesterday was a good day, but you can imagine the resources used in a day of searching and "selling" yourself. I think a day to work it out a bit was just what Mark needed to tank up and I cherish it as God's special romancing ... and paycheck!

In the midst of this we have found ourself in more genuine conversation with more genuine people than we have had in more time than I can recall. God has been lovingly surrounding us with people whose details are similar to ours and can come alongside us in prayer and other ways of support in a very authentic way. In the past circumstances like this often left us feeling very alone but the opposite has been true in these days. The redemptive conversations that have occurred in the last 5 days have been a balm to our souls and usually have happened with people we barely know. This is a divine gift...our connection to others in Christ.

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