09 January 2008

square candies that look round

Familiar with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
The kids and I have been slowly listening to it on CD in the van whenever we are out and about. It is lovely to get caught up in a story while on the way to wherever our travels take us. I have found myself a little irritated at times with Owen who all the sudden is yelling... "MAAAAMMMMMAAAAAA!" He has been talking and I have been listening to Willy Wonka! Ooops.

Do you remember the "square candies that look round" room? Willy Wonka and Veruca Salt were arguing furiously. Veruca said that the little square candies did not look round. Mr. Willy Wonka said go in for yourself and see. So Veruca went in and all the candies turned and looked 'round at her. Then Mr. Willy Wonka says, "See, they are square candies that look 'round."

That room has me thinking...
Mark and I were chatting about the places where we find ourselves turning away - at God's love and life filled invitation - from the parts of our story that we have tried to write ourselves... the "forced" relationships or fabricated "calling"...the pursuit of things that are parts of someone else's story and seem to be working well but that God has not written into our own ... square candies that look round (as Veruca understands it).

Not much is clear these days but I find myself to be very clear sighted in this...
square or round (or oval or diamond for that matter), one or the other, as God intends not as I attempt. So, I am settling into my reality - a square - and keeping my eyes open - that looks 'round - for the continuing path of becoming that is my story and none others. Truly, more like an ever-increasing-ness...the nature of becoming being ever-changing and in motion.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is probobly the best chaper in the book. in fact, im doing a project on it in school. We just finished reading the book in my class and now we get to either act out our favorite chapter or make a diaroma of our favorie seen. mine is going to be on square candies that look round. im almost done, becase all i need is to add a few minor details and my square candies diaroma is done! although fourth grade stinks... so does being 10.

March 23, 2009 at 8:48 PM  

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