16 January 2008

follower vs. disciple

"Christianity minus discipleship = religion....
No help to the world, and no meaning for the individual." (unsure of who said this)

I have known this more intimately than I care to admit to myself...

I have been...am being stripped clean of this (meaningless, helpless religion)...

Is "whiter than snow" a process or a state of being? ... both?

Follower or disciple...this is our theme for the year at Adullam (I am not comfortable calling it a church because it is not like any church I have been in or a part of (praise be to God!) and wouldn't want it to be confused or lumped together with church as I have known church - but I guess it really is Church...really, or at least church is a part of what Adullam is).

We are being led to consider the difference and make a choice - follower or disciple - with our lives - heart, soul and mind.

What I am considering is religion has followers...Christ has disciples.
And being Christ's disciple, truly - as opposed to a follower of a church (religion) and church people - is going to be a lovely, wild, frightening, deep, confusing, holy ride...

a ride I plan to be on...
strapped down with God's tender, personal love and bountiful, lavish grace.



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