24 January 2008

without pay: post 4

We are feeling led to make this a time of "piecing-things-together". While the next couple months may be tight - like 70's leisure suit tight (having just received our gas bill for over $200 - eeek!) - we don't feel that God is directing us toward a job-change so much as a means to exist (hopefully and prayerfully without accruing any debt) in the mean time...to be evaluated in the early spring, when the work is supposed to be flowing freely once again.

I am hopeful that this may add a missional layer to our lives that we have been asking God to weave into our way of being. I hope this means we find ourselves (one or both of us) at Starbucks or REI or Whole Foods. God is faithfully and graciously bringing on-going clarity to our place in His story - our unique role...sorting out the things that we have put on like a shirt but aren't truly ours and exposing the raw materials which He intends for us to use as we participate with Him in Kingdom life.

Among these places of light - in the shadows, the enemy lurks...my spirit is restless today. I am lured toward spending and over-eating. I fight for energy. Among the loving reminders I feel the Spirit whispering, there is another voice to defend myself against. The opposition I have felt since Sunday hovers - like the feeling that you are being followed. I have been sensing that God is inviting me to come to Him for affection and tenderness - this is beginning to make sense in light of that which is set against Him, His work and His beloved these days.

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