closer to the clouds

13 October 2010

not only beautiful

Today my little beauty is 4!

I was writing about her this morning...musing over her short but full life...and came to the conclusion that she actually knows herself very well...which I consider quite an accomplishment when you are 4. I know this about her because the song we hear her singing most often is...

"I'm not only beautiful...I'm extra, extra tough" (but she says "exter" which makes it all the more cute if that is even possible)

This is very true of Audrey. Her beauty spills out of her over and over again but so does her strength. I am so delighted in the image of God she bears.

Happy Birthday to my Audrey-girl.

06 October 2010

those chinese

Unless we change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.
~ Chinese Proverb