closer to the clouds

13 January 2012

gentle giant

I have decided that Owen has an elephant spirit about him. He is researching and studying elephants right now and earlier today we read this together...

"Elephants are powerful, but they are also sensitive, intelligent creatures that live in close, caring families. They are strong enough to topple a tree but gentle enough to pick a flower with their trunks."

Owen is definitely part elephant.

10 January 2012


Today's high temperature was 64. This number is important to me today for 2 reasons. The first is because it meant I was blessed to see the bees fly in the middle of January. The second is my kids ran around the back yard, with some of the best of friends, like crazy people.

Tomorrow it will be snowing and 24. I will find a reason for that to be important to me tomorrow.

07 January 2012


the tea is hot
the snow falls
the noise of children is hushed for now
the book is worth it
the man is near
the space is good

06 January 2012

better late than never

The new year begins...ready or not...

Life needs to be simple right now.
This is good.

02 January 2012

the wise youth

Mark was having a particularly challenging day...
Ethan says "Dad, you just need to drink lots of water and stay calm."